2019 Adult Learning Opportunities*
*Sunday morning after the first church service unless otherwise noted
“A Grace-Full Life” – God’s All Reaching, Soul Saving, Character Shaping, Never-Ending Love by Jorge Acevedo and Wes Olds. Facilitator- Anna Aleksa Starts January 20
“Why I Am a United Methodist” by William H. Willimon. Facilitator- Curtis Smart Starts January 20
“Together at the Table”- Diversity Without Division in the United Methodist Church by Karen P. Oliveto. Facilitator- Sue Yeager starts January 13
“Ten Men of the Bible”- How God Used Imperfect People To Change The World by Max Lucado. Facilitator- Matt Aleksa  Starts January 20

“A 40-Day Journey-One breath at a time”. A Skeptic’s Guide to Christian Meditation by author Dana Trent. Facilitator- Glenna Brayton. This five week class starts Monday, February 11th at 1-2 pm. To register for class or more information contact Glenna at kyker.brayton@gmail.com or 970-683-8756.